Expat and Relocation Services
The Hague, Wassenaar & surroundings

Moving to a foreign country can be quite an experience. We know, as an expat, we have done it ourselves many times. Some countries are better equipped to handle expatriates and their families than others.

Usually the wage-earner is (re)located to another country, whereas the partner has the time to arrange everything in the new county. It all starts by finding the right town, the perfect house in the part of town which meets your taste, budget, your social requirements and preferable located close to school. Then comes administration, registration, moving, maybe contractors for refurbishments and much more.

Moving to another social environment where they speak a different language and many things need to be done but no good insights in how to do it can be a challenge. It takes time to settle in, feel at home and to find your way around.

Wherever you’re from…

Expatrience can assist you!

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